Sports Spotlight: Monday Night Football....High School Style

- It is not unusal to have football action on a Monday....for the pros that is.
But two days ago, a couple of Texoma high school football teams had to play on Monday because inclement weather pushed the games back.
The Seymour Panthers played in an important playoff football game against New Deal at Abilene Wylie's Bulldog Stadium.
No surprise in that......except it was on a Monday.
The game was supposed to be played last Friday......then on the game took place on a Monday.......24 days since the Panthers last played a game.
They had a regualr season bye to end the season.
Then a first round playoff bye......and a mini bye from not playing on Friday.
The change wasn't a big deal to the fans or the Seymour cheerleaders.
"It is really different. We got out of school at 10:30 this morning. We drove down here. And it does feel like a Friday. The guys are ready for it. So I guess we will be ready for it too," said Seymour Cheerleader Maggie Slaggle.
"A lot of us are very superstitious when it comes to a lot of things. I think this is something we will have to overcome tonight. Either way we have come here to play," said Seymour Cheerleader Hanna Rivers.
For the officials they were fired up about a little Monday night football....high school style.
"We prepare no differently on a Friday night, they are both the same. How ever it is just unique that it is a Monday. That is special an unique. I kinda equate it to a Monday night football game. Like we told one of our officials, hey they have on the best of the best on Monday," said high school official Tony Acosta.
"It is the same as any other game. We prepare the same way. I had to drive a little bit to get here. The weather this is football weather. We love it and we enjoy what we do. We are happy to be here," said high school official Alex Washington.
Meanwhile, nearly 70 miles northwest of Abilene in Rotan, the Crowell Wildcats trip to their playoff game took a lot of twists and turns.
Last Friday, Crowell was on the way to Hermleigh to battle with Water Valley when about an hour down the road in Rule, Crowell head coach Nathan Hayes got a text from the Water Valley coach saying they were not coming.
Hayes says he didn't believe it so they kept going when Hayes got another text saying they were not coming saying the roads were to bad.
The game was rescheduled for Saturday, Hayes got his team to school ready to go and Water Valley told him they were not coming because of the roads.
So the game was moved to Monday.
Talk about an emotional roller coaster.
"It is hard to get up for a game. We got up for it Friday. We were ready to play. Saturday morning, I brought them up at 9:00. So we were getting them ready for the game. You build all of that anticipation for the game all week and then the day of the game. The kids are says hey are we going to play today? And I told them we are going to play today. Even driving over here, they wanted to know are we going to play today," said Hayes.
Good things come to those who wait.
Crowell overcame a halftime two touchdown deficit to defeat Water Valley in a battle of top ranked Wildcats.
Mitchell Parsley and Lex Bond joined together to get the last minute game winning touchdown.
Parsley's mom says the switch Monday as well as getting a win was fantastic.
"I think it was just fine. It gave the boys more of an opportunity to talk. And get focused and keep their eye on the prize,"said Elise Parsley.
For all those involved, this Monday night high school football thing, wasn't that bad.

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