Sports Spotlight:Devin Sobay's Push For The Olympics

- Judo is a modern martial art, combat and Olympic sport created in Japan in 1882.
Over the past few years, one Wichita Falls teen has mastered this sport.
We first introduced you to Devin Sobay back in July 2009.
Since that time he has won several national and international competitions.
Now Sobay's main goal is to qualify for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil.
16 year old Devin Sobay is one of the best judo athletes worldwide.
At 220 pounds, he competes in the heavyweight division.
It all started at the age of 6 for Devin.
Devin Sobay, Judo Athlete-"When ever I was a child I was very energetic. And judo would be a good way to get the energy out by taking me here. It was a good way to get tired."
Michelle Edwards, Devin's mom-"When he was young he had so much energy. He would get upset at school. He was a nice kid, but he would get into trouble because he had too much energy. It helped him. It helped discipline him. He found a sport because first of all he was so tall and big. It was a great sports for him. It helped him utilize his energy while wrestling with other kids."
Roy Hash, Devin's Coach-"When he was a young man about 7, he told me how much he wanted to be an Olympian. He wanted to live the dream. When other 8 year old kids in the class would sit down and start horse playing and go get water, when Devin had nothing to do he would go to the mat and do push ups and sit ups to strengthen his body. And he has always been like that he has always gone above and beyond to be the best that he can be. Whether it is on the mat or at school or with his family it has been a pleasure to be with this young man."
That discipline and hard work has paid off.
Devin has won numerous medals in judo.
This is just a small sample of his honors.
During a given week, Devin trains 18 hours a week.
He also participates in 40 competitions in the US and internationally each year.
Sobay-Judo isn't a sport. "It is a martial art. It is a way of life. You don't get the enjoyment of beating somebody in a tournament or the physical abilities or advantages. I also have a better personality from it. I have better discipline and a better view on how things work in life."
Now the goal for to qualify for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janerio.
To meet that goal, he recently graduated from high school early with several college credit hours to boot.
Devin also has moved to San Antonio for more judo training.
Getting to the Olympics is something he has wanted to do since he started judo 10 years ago.
Sobay-"It would be a major accomplishment. But it would only motivate me more. To go to other Olympic competitions. And other world championships."

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