Team of the Week: Henrietta Lady 'Cats Softball - April 20, 2017

The Henrietta Lady Cats are district champs for the first time in ten years. 

"My pitching got a lot better, everyone's hitting is so much better, we're just good all around this year," says senior pitcher, Kagen Campbell.

Senior Jordan Harwell adds, "I think we all really want it this year, especially the four seniors. It's our last year."

First year head coach Billy Arbogast has enjoyed instilling a new culture into the Henrietta softball program, "First was learning how to win. They'd been there before, they'd had some success, but changing our attitude and changing our attitude and culture to being kind of a little bit of swagger, a little bit of attitude that we're supposed to win and this is how we do when we're supposed to take control of games. It was hard at first, but we kind of don't get down during games and we keep our composure."

And the Lady 'Cats are enjoying Arbogast at the helm, too.

"He always pushes us to do better than we can, pushing us to do our very best, and he's just really awesome, and super funny, so we're always laughing and having a good time," says junior, Hollie Thomas.

But the laughing and joking around is always at the right time. Arbogast says he's most proud of the Lady 'Cats ability to focus and work hard, "When it's time for two and a half hours where it's softball time they take it for real, they take it serious, that's by far and away the number one thing that I am most proud of is their work ethic."

Those three wins against their rival are just a fraction of their 23-3 record...and the Lady 'Cats are loving the support from the community, "Coming in here, you hear about all of the success from the boys on the football side, and you know the great group of leaders that graduated last year, it's nice to see the success the community backing with the girls," says Arbogast. "And it comes from the boys, the boys are front and center, they're here making a lot of noise out in right field, and they support the girls one hundred and ten percent, and that follows with the parents on board and the people that just want to come watch."

And they'll continue to watch as the Lady 'Cats close out district and look for their first playoff win since 2010.


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