Sports Spotlight: Silver Celebration at MSU

        The Midwestern State football team beat McMurry on Saturday. A team they beat twice in 1988 when football returned to MSU after a lengthy hiatus. 
        Fittingly, both teams were the Indians in 1988.
        They are now the Mustangs and the Warhawks.
        In tonight's Sports Spotlight, a look back at the silver celebration of MSU football.
        After a 31 year layoff, football returned to Midwestern State in 1988.
        On Saturday night, the Mustangs celebrated the 25th anniversary of the return of football to MSU. 
        Those early teams struggled with only one winning team in the first 12 seasons.
        "Lots of bright eyes and guys just wanting to play football back then," says Scott Boswell, former MSU lineman.  "They started the program off in the spring of '88 and for those of us fortunate to be there when it got started. We got to go and run around in the spring and then put the stuff on in the fall when we were the Indians and listen to the tomahawks chop and all that stuff." 
        The past players love to voice their pride in what MSU football has become, a regular in the national rankings.
        But many still have a hard time with the mascot change which took place in 2005. 
        "I just think its a great honor. I think coach Maskill does a super job with this program and reaching out to old football players," says Cody Slater, former MSU wide receiver.  "The alumni of the university coming out and supporting our existing mustangs. I'd like to say Indians."
        "It's an awesome experience coming back and watching these guys play," adds Charles Steele, former MSU lineman. "Twenty-five years ago it was the same atmosphere. College football is college football. The only difference is we were the Indians so we miss the tomahawk chop."
        Several former Mustangs developed such a love for the game, you'll find them on the sidelines every Friday night.
        "I think it says a lot about the coaches we had ahead of us too, that taught us. I think a lot of people look to their coaches and a lot of athletes see what they want to become. A lot of us became coaches because of the influences our coaches had on us," says Slater.  
        "That taught me a lot about what I went into being a coach. I still reflect on a lot of the things I learned that year, good or bad," says Steele. 
        While hundreds of players reminisced on Saturday, a four-year starter loved by many was missing.
        Vince Pyle died nearly three years ago.
        "He's a guy that was a leader on and off the field the way he lived his life," says former MSU lineman Scott Ponder. "He was a strong christian man. He was a coach, leader of men, of kids the way he contributed to peoples live and what they were to take away with. I think it says a lot about him the honor and respect he gets from his teammates and peers 20 years after the fact."
        "It's been a wonderful weekend everybody coming together especially the opportunity to honor a friend a teammate in Vince Pyle."
        Pyle's biggest fan never got to see him play. But for Cody Pyle, Saturday night's locker dedication ceremony will never be forgotten. 
         "I like the Mustangs and we're all here because of my dad and I miss him so bad," says Pyle. "People are here to celebrate my dad and they made this because they really miss my dad."
        "This was very special to know they would do this for us," says Annette Pyle, Vince's widow. "It's going to be very special for Emily and Cody to get to see this for years on." 
        "They're dedicating a locker 74 to my dad because that was his locker," adds Cody.  

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