Team of the Week March 7th, 2013: MSU Women's basketball

Tobin McDuff is in Allen with the mustangs as both the men and the women pursue lone star conference titles. 
    The women are our team of the week, not just for their win last night in the opening round of the tournament, but for what they did this morning.
    The Midwestern State Women have the day off. So what did they do? Well they got up first thing in the morning and went to Cheatham elementary school in Allen Texas.
    MSU forward Marqui Hodges says she loves visiting the kids, "It's fun because Allen has given so much to us and we want to give back to the community and i have fun with the kids, we're running around and they're running around. We like sports and they do too." 
    And according to MSU guard Lisa Hampton, "If i was a kid and somebody was coming to talk to me like this it would really inspire me to want to do something in college. Allen has done so much for us by putting on this tournament."
    Libby Sands, a teacher at Cheatham says, "It's great having Midwestern come to our gym because they can talk to the kids about having great character, working hard in school, not being a bully, and that hard work pays off"
    Head coach Noel Johnson says it's rewarding to speak with the students, "It's been fun because we were here last year as well, and they remembered us so we see how much of an impression we can make by doing this."
    And when Tobin asked if the players were more worn out by a practice with coach Johnson or by playing with the kids, this is how they responded, "Don't tell the kids but i think the kids wore me out. I was so tired i was like, you gotta get somebody else i'm sorry."
    The MSU women take on Tarleton State at 6pm on Friday in the semifinals of the LSC tournament. 

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