After giving up 81 points in losses to Denver and San Diego, the Cowboys have only allowed 19 the past two weeks to Washington and Philadelphia. When asked whether the improvement is due to the team getting more comfortable with the new defensive playbook or because Nick Foles and Robert Griffin III aren't the caliber of Phillips Rivers and Peyton Manning, our Cowboys insider Mickey Spagnola said:

          "They've been playing more man coverage with their corner back with a single safety high and especially in this last game to shut down Lesean McCoy, the Eagles running back. They were dropping a safety into the box to create an eight-man front. The Cowboys adjusted a little bit and I think the players kind of understand whats expected of them and I think they've done a pretty good job of running guys in here and simplifying the defense which they certainly did against the Eagles up-tempo offense. Normally they go into a game with 20-25 defensive calls, I'm told, and they went into this game with five making sure everyone was on the same page all the time. I think a combination of all those things in giving up 81 points in two games and now 19 points in the past two games. They've got to stay on that track if they expect to do what they want to do this year."      

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