Sports Spotlight: Stacy Stowe

When the Wichita Falls Coyotes started the season the only expectations were their own. No one outside Old High considered the playoffs a possibility.

They played under new head coach Danny Russell with the desire to prove naysayers wrong.

A few games into the season a new desire took over. The desire to win for, as the Coyotes call her, Mama Stowe.

The Old High Booster Club president and unofficial team photographer was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma B, a cancer attacking her body's ability to battle germs.

Stowe has undergone two of a scheduled six chemotherapy treatments, but can still be found snapping photos on Friday nights.

Wichita Falls High School Lineman Michael Smith said, "On the bus on the way home we're waiting for those pictures to be uploaded. Best pictures. It's memories for after we leave high school."

Wichita Falls High School Running Back Chris Lawry said, "She's there for the team. She's there for you as a person. She is a very beautiful person. Most of all, she is caring. Just a guardian angel overall."

That's why when the news of her illness came, it hurt so much.

Wichita Falls High School Lineman Steffen Thomas said, "It definitely hurt me. I didn't think it could happen to her. I just started crying because she's my role model.

"My first reaction was I sat at my house and cried. All day," Smith said.

"It scares me a lot. I think about it every night. I just think about waking up one day and she's in the hospital or something. It hurts to know but I have to be strong for her, Adam and the rest of her family."

Her family is more than two kids and a husband. It's a roster of kids and coaches who love her.

"When you talk to her on the street and ask her how many kids she has she'll tell you two. But the whole Coyote football team is her son. She treats us all like we're her son. If you don't have anything, you ask Mama Stowe and you have it. You don't have a place to stay, you ask Mama Stowe and you can stay at her house.S he is the Mama of this team," said Smith.

A team which takes the field with lime green shoelaces and lime green tape on their helmets to bring awareness to lymphoma not because its fashionable.

"It doesn't match but it shows we love her and support her," Thomas said.

"To most people it may just be a color but to me it's pride and joy. I'm supporting Mama Stowe. It's pride and joy for me. It's not like I have lime green on. It's like I have Mama Stowe on my wrist, it's Mama Stowe over my heart, it's Mama Stowe on my shoelaces. I'm going out to play for her," Smith said.

And her team, no disrespect to Danny Russell, will continue to battle this illness with Mama Stowe.

"A lot of Bible scriptures, especially Jeremiah 29 that God has a plan for you that goes for good and not for evil. A lot of heartfelt text messages just to make sure she's doing well," said Lawry.

Smith said, "She is one of the most inspirational, most caring women I've met in my life. She's made a great impact on my life. She inspires me to do great. She inspires me to stay in school and to keep my grades up. She's a woman I love with all my heart.

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