Local Golf Courses Turning to Saved Water

Local Golf Courses Turning to Saved Water

Archer City Country Club has turned to saved water to keep their greens watered.
The view from the Tee Box at the Archer City Country Club shows that things are 
looking dry but the greens are still living up to their name, thanks to some ingenuity.

"We have two tanks that we catch water out of and then we have  pumps set up that
 we can pump it throughout the course and water it that way.  It's rainwater that's
 accumulated over several years." Said Sonny Parker with the Archer City Country Club.

With Archer City in Stage 3 Water  Restrictions, the Country Club has had to go through plenty
of watering  restrictions themselves, just like the rest of us.

"If we reach Stage 4 Restrictions here in town, technically we can't water anymore but
 since we're  using raw water we can still water our greens." Said Parker.

During this water shortage the course continues to be a money maker for the city and they
 know that having healthy greens is vital to keeping the course up and  running.

"We're going to do whatever we can to keep our greens alive because if they die it's going
 to cost way more than have to fix it." Said  Parker.

Even though things are looking dry, course officials say it's still a good place to spend an afternoon teeing off.

"It's definitely affected our Tee Boxes and things. It's harder to tee up a ball and things like 
that but business-wise we're still
doing okay." Said Parker.
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