Birthdays & Anniversaries 8-9-13

Birthdays & Anniversaries 8-9-13

Weekend Birthdays & Anniversaries

Happy Birthday To:


Mason Nobles (18)

Paige Nobles (18)

Tamara Barfield (43)

Roy Andrews (48)

Bea Gonzalez

Carrie Baker

Cindy Schiwart

Lavinia Young

Miguel Rodriguez (26)

Tina Leal

Linda Hanson

Ronna Akins

Kaitlin Morrison

Edward Morgan (50)

Julia Whitmire

Danny Mummert


Brandie Whitling

Samuel Mulholland (3)

Luke Short

Frankie Harding

Zach Canada (13)

Curtis Jackson

Phil Mitchell

Julie Woolsey


Kinsey Price (9)

Sherry Jones (44)

Mary Lee Herrin (90)

Sherrell Wade

Tiffany Tarwater

Brady Bedford

Happy Anniversary To:


John & Rhonda Thomas (7 yrs)

Michael and Debra Kille (44 yrs)

Lee Roy and Sammy Jones (39 yrs)

Tomas and Annie Narvais (33 yrs)

James & Stacy Gowen (16 yrs)


Teresa and Lloyd Schreiber (23 yrs)

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