Blending the Sense: Medical Intuitive Sees Disease?

Blending the Sense: Medical Intuitive Sees Disease?

What if you could see health problems before they're diagnosed.
Preventative medicine is your best strategy for long term health.

However, regular screenings can only catch so much, unless perhaps your doctor is a "medical intuitive."

One man has received some national attention for his claims that he can diagnose your health problems by simply looking at you.

Gabby Rodriguez didn't know what to expect when she called medical intuitive John Kortum.
"I saw him on Dr. Oz," Gabby told Ivanhoe.

John told her something was going on with her blood.

"I was able to take that and go back to my doctor and ask for some further testing," Gabby said.

Testing by her doctor revealed an autoimmune disease.

John says much like how we know boiling water is hot without having to touch it-he perceives textured properties on the face, each are linked to an organ system.
"This biological language lives within you and it's your body's way of expressing imbalances," John Kortum, medical intuitive and developer of the Kortum Health Assessment Technique, told Ivanhoe.

Take a thyroid problem-john perceives a sponge like texture on the cheeks.

For issues with the breasts, "I perceive a vertical texture," John explained.

After taking his course, Pamela Feikbeiner realized she had a left breast indicator.

A biopsy by her doctor revealed, "the cancer that's in the milk ducts itself," Pamela told Ivanhoe.
We put John's technique to the test. Neysa Ricciardi has never met John.

"I am fascinated to see what he can come up with," Neysa said.

"There's a little bit of a hearing indication. It's not bad," John explained after looking at Neysa.

Neysa says her ears have been ringing.

"You've got a mild liver indication," John continued.

John also picks up on a digestion problem.

"I have had severe reflux in the past," Neysa admitted.

"I perceive a thyroid indication," John said.

Yes, Neysa does have hypothyroidism. The only thing he missed?

"He didn't pick up on adrenal and I've also been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue," Neysa explained.

So, is he a medical prophet or just out for a profit?

If you're interested in getting a consult with Kortum, it'll cost you $495.

That's not covered by health insurance. There are many doctors who aren't supporters of medical intuitivism.

However, researchers put the Kortum technique to the test in a study in Bethesda, Maryland, in 2001.

The 16 month study took patients with documented diseases and had john assess them. He was found to have a 93 percent accuracy rate.

THE KORTUM TECHNIQUE:  The body has a symbolic language to indicate health imbalances within the different organ systems.  When the imbalance reaches a certain point, it activates the symbolic language and becomes visible and accessible through the Kortum Technique.  The Kortum Technique is conducted in a conversational setting, with three essential components.  During the first component, the technique is used to survey the indicators.  Further discussion allows the patient to provide information on what they already know about their health compared to the indicator evaluation.  The second component is dedicated to revealing what the body wants to communicate.  The organs can describe past events in a person’s life.  The third component will be the opportunity to consider what has been revealed in the session and how the patient can use this information to best support their recovery of health and vitality.  (Source:

ORGAN INDICATORS:  Organ indicators are the body’s natural way of creating awareness of health imbalances within the body system.  The indicators have observable descriptions and each indicator relates to a specific body organ or system.  The way the indicators are identified is by bringing awareness to qualities that can be perceived when looking at the physical presence of any person.  John Kortum, developer of the Kortum Technique, says that most every indicator is perceived by aiming your blended vision at the human face.   (Source:

MEDICAL DOCTOR’S OPINION:  The implications are far reaching in medical science.  However, Alan Tenczar, DPM, at Talcott Foot & Ankle Specialists, PC, is one doctor who thought he would give it a try.  Dr. Tenczar says that he has learned that some of what he was taught in medical school and training programs is based on dogma, belief rather than research.  “Also, there are several areas in allopathic medical training that are lacking, and one major area is nutrition.  My curiosity took me on the path of learning more about nutrition for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease,” Dr. Tenczar told Ivanhoe.  “John Kortum's tools are another useful adjunct for me.  Another major reason for learning his techniques are that if I can learn them, and apply them then my practice is better.  If they don't work, then what is lost but my time?  I can say that my practice has improved,” Dr. Tenczar said.  (Source: Interview with Alan Tenczar)

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