Burk Names New City Manager From Within

Burk Names New City Manager From Within

The search for a city manager in Burkburnett is over.
The search for a city manager in Burkburnett is over and the city didn't have to go to far to find Tim James' replacement

Burkburnett's Board of Commissioners voted unanimously Monday night to promote the Director of Public Works, Mike Whaley to Assistant City Manager, while he trains to take over the City Manager Position.

Burk has been looking for a new City Manager for a few months since Tim James turned in his resignation after less than two years in the position. The city was assisted by the search firm that recommended hiring James, who left to become City Manger in Mesquite, Texas.

For now Chester Nolen will continue to serve as interim city manager and Whaley will serve as assistant for the next six months.

Nolen is with the search firm that was retained by the city before James was hired.

If all runs smoothly Whaley will be promoted to City Manager after completing a specific improvement program.

Burkburnett's director of public works Mike Whaley will soon be playing double duty as he slips into the Assistant City Manager role.

But with no previous City Manager experience the city wants to make sure he is prepared.

“They outlined a mentoring program, here are the things we are looking for you to do that will improve your abilities to be a city manager, upon successful completion of those programs, reviews of his performance each month, then the council at the end of six months will vote to elect Mike the permanent City Manager,” says Interim City Manager Chester Nolen.

He will be required to complete the state City Manager certification and spend extra time with the public safety department to learn more about law enforcement, and get prepared for always being on call.

“He goes from being not necessarily on the clock all the time, to being on the clock all the time, and as a city manager you are, it doesn't matter if you're on vacation or in Sunday school, you're still on the clock with the city, in the event that something happens,” says Nolen.

Whaley says he knows it will be different but he's looking forward to the challenges.

“I'm excited to have the opportunity to be the City Manager of Burkburnett, it is a great community and a wonderful place to live, as our logo states, Burkburnett your home now and that's what I feel like,” says Future City Manager Mike Whaley.

And while he trains,  interim City Manager Chester Nolen will be there every step of the way to prepare him for the challenges ahead.

Nolen and Whaley will work together to find a new Public Works Director.

Whaley is currently making $67,000 but starting October 1st he will be making $75,000.
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