80th Day Over 100 Sets All-Time Record

80th Day Over 100 Sets All-Time Record

Since the beginning of the year 35% of our days have been spent over 100 degrees and the days keep adding up.
As of 12noon Wichita Falls reached 100 degrees for the 80th day in the year 2011.

This beats the old record of 79 days at or above 100 degrees in a calendar year way back in 1980.

This officially makes 2011 the hottest summer in the history of Wichita Falls with the longest stretch of 100 degree consecutive days in addition to today's record.

We have also tied or set at least 22 record highs this year many in the 100s and the 110s.

The only record that remains is the all-time record of 117 set back on June 28, 1980.

Meteorologist Bryan Rupp.
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