A Look at the Growth of 3D Printers

A Look at the Growth of 3D Printers

A look at the growth of 3D printers. Do they really bring a new dimension to old technology?

(NBC News) Call it a new dimension to old technology.

Using a photo or drawing, you're now able to print the images in three dimension using the latest in print technology.

The devices are popping up at shopping mall kiosks offering 3-d prints of just about anything.

While new to the consumer market,  the business world's been using 3-d printing for quite a while.

"These are technologies that are 15-20 years old, that have been used in engineering, product development and industrial design," said Bill Watson of Duncan-Parnell Design.

Watson works for an engineering design firm that has 3-d printers where the color cartridges are more than just ink. 

"Instead of it being ink, it's a glue. So it binds up the ceramic powder," said Watson. 

Layers and layers of a plaster of paris type powder that's essentially glued together. 
Watson says consumer grade 3-d printers are gaining popularity selling for about one thousand dollars.
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