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BBB Gives Advice on Donating to Kony 2012

Better Business Bureau officials say make sure you research a charity before you donate.
    In light of the Kony 2012 campaign, Better Business Bureau officials are encouraging you to be informed about the charities you donate to.
    The local chapter of the BBB has received several calls from people in the area asking about the Kony cause
    The bureau's "Wise Giving Alliance" reviews charities governance, effectiveness, financial accountability, and other matters.
    Participation in the program is voluntary.
    They've been tracking Invisible Children, the charity behind "Kony 2012", for six years.
    They've sent the company 18 letters asking to review them, but have not received a single response.
    Cosme Ojeda, director of operations for the BBB of North Central Texas, says, "Many of the questions we have are unanswered.  We've requested information from the charity itself, but have not received that information."
    Officials say there have been no complaints made about the charity.
    They say their concern is that two of the six "Invisible Children" board members are paid through charity funds.
    One of the BBB charity standards calls for no more than 10 percent of the voting membership of the board to be compensated.
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