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Bike Sales Rise as HHH Approaches

As the date for the HHH race and ride approaches, employees at local stores say they're selling more bikes.
    Each year, the Hotter 'n Hell Hundred pumps millions of dollars into the local economy.
    Local hotels, restaurants, and stores all reap the benefits of having thousands of riders in town for the exciting event.
    For the past four years, local stores have realized huge increase in bike sales.
    Employees at stores like Texoma Cycling Center say the closer the bike ride gets, the busier they get.
    They say the most popular bikes this year are beginner style and entry-level road bikes.
    Jarvis Polvado, owner of Texoma Cycling Center, says, "We've noticed a huge increase in the last 30 to 35 days of people getting new bikes.  They're training, they're riding an older bike, they're borrowing a bike to do the Hotter 'n Hell, but they realize, 'You know what?  I want to do this, but i want to do this for time or a little bit faster.'"
    And if you buy a new bike, you obviously need to get a bike jersey and other new gear to look the part, which leads to a spike in other sales.
    Polvado says leading up to the Hotter 'n Hell, he's sold more training gear, too.
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