Boy Survives 40 Foot Fall

Boy Survives 40 Foot Fall

Park workers admit they knew of broken railing prior to boy's terrifying fall.
(KGW) Oregon State Park workers said they were aware of a broken railing in Silver Falls State Park even before a 10-year-old boy leaned on it, fell and ended up in the hospital.

Wilson Pelot, 10, of Portland was injured when he fell near the Upper Falls at Silver Falls State Park Sunday afternoon.

Pelot, now in intensive care, was on a hike with his father when he stopped to take a break. He leaned against a railing that gave way, sending him plummeting 40 feet down into a creek, said Lt. Gregg Hastings with Oregon State Police.

The boy's father went down the bank to the river and carried him across the creek to wait for emergency crews.

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