Bullying Video Tied to Sparks Shooting

Bullying Video Tied to Sparks Shooting

Friend of Sparks middle school shooter says anti-bullying video seen in class may have played a role in deadly school shooting.
(KRNV) Amaya Newton is an eighth grader at Sparks Middle School.

She says she knew the Sparks Middle School shooter very well.

She describes him as a sweet kid who was often mistreated by his classmates.

"Like tripping him in the hallways, bugging him for money so they would give it to him,"

Amaya says the boy never spoke up to anyone about the bullying. He simply took it.

But she also says he might have gotten an idea about how to retaliate through an anti-bullying video shown in class on October 11th.

It was the last school day before the shootings occurred.

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