Candice Shields Murder Suspects' Trials Set

Candice Shields Murder Suspects' Trials Set

Authorities believe Candice Shield was fatally shot in December 2011.
Trial is set for two suspects charged in the murder of a young Graham mother.

Jeremy Thornburg and Lajuana Long are both charged with murder in the death of 20-year-old Candice Shields. The case against Thornburg will go to a jury trial October 10. Long's case is expected to be heard by a jury starting November 12.

Shields was last seen at her grandparents' home on December 10, 2011. Officials say Shields was three-months pregnant then and her friends and family say she was pregnant by Thornburg.

Authorities say they believe Thornburg shot Shields several times in December 2011 because she was seeing other men. Long is accused of helping Thornburg destroy any evidence that could link him to the murder.

Authorities have not said if Shields' body or a murder weapon have been found.

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