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Candidate Profile: Wichita Falls Councilor, District 1

<br><br><p dir="LTR">Early voting is now underway for the Wichita Falls municipal election on May 11th.</p> <p dir="LTR">Three positions are open.</p> <p dir="LTR">One of those positions is for the councilor district 1 seat.</p> <p dir="LTR">It's currently held by Michael Smith who has reached the term limit for the seat and is running for the Councilor-At-Large seat.</p> <p dir="LTR">Mechell Dixon spoke with the candidates in the District 1 race.</p> <p>She joins us now with more.</p>

The two candidates vying for the Wichita Falls City Councilor District 1 seat are physician Robert Frischer and attorney Ben Hoover.

Both say they want to make a difference and serve the public.

Ben Hoover is the only candidate with campaign signs around town for the Wichita Falls City Council District 1 seat.

Dr. Robert Frischer is the other candidate.

Although the doctor chose to not use campaign signs he says he's just as determined to hold the position.

"I'm not particularly a great compromiser but I try to be a leader," says Dr. Frischer.

Dr. Frischer has spent 35 years as an Ob/Gyn in Wichita Falls.

The native Californian joined the Air Force, came to Wichita Falls and decided to stay.

He says his decision to run for public office was prompted by the city's purchase of Castaway Cove Waterpark.

"I don't like the city going into businesses that are outside of what government should be involved with, which is basically police service, fire service, schools and education, roads, water, solving our water problems and the basic necessities that a city should provide not for the city going into private industry like they were doing with this," Dr. Frischer.

Dr. Frischer also opposes the use of 4A and 4B funds to attract businesses to start generate jobs in the city.

His opponent, Ben Hoover, also has a strong opinion on the matter.

"You can offer incentives to businesses to come in and whether you help them with their building or their infrastructure or getting them set up with tax incentives or those types of things, and when you do offer those incentives you're able to entice businesse that are gonna come in and ideally you're going to increase your tax structure ... it's gonna be a boost to your local economy,"

Hoover grew up on a farm in Wise County, got his law degree from Texas Tech then came to Wichita Falls and worked for five and a half year in the Wichita County District Attorney's Office as an assitant D.A.

He's now an attorney at Nix Law Firm and is also a husband and father to two small children.

Both Hoover and Dr. Frisher say their passion is to serve the public.

And both want to do just that as District 1 City Councilor.

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