Caught on Cam: Skier Avalanche

Caught on Cam: Skier Avalanche

A Colorado skier survived an avalanche that he triggered Saturday morning and it was all caught on video.
(NBC News) It was a close call for a backcountry Colorado skier this weekend.

Lance light was skiing with a buddy on Berthoud Pass when he triggered an avalanche.

Light was wearing a portable video camera on his helmet which happened to catch the whole event on tape.

"When you watch the video up close, I ski over a couple other people's tracks that didn't trigger it initially," Light said.
Within moments of making that drop, Light watched as the snow split beneath him and opened up into a full blown avalanche.

An avalanche technician says it was a medium size avalanche with snow six to eight feet in some areas.

Light says the avalanche is proof that they can happen anywhere with little effort.
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