Caught on Cam: Stowaway on Tarmac

Caught on Cam: Stowaway on Tarmac

New video shows California teen stowaway getting out of a plane's wheel well in Hawaii.
(NBC News) A teenage stowaway who miraculously survived a 5 1/2 -hour flight from California to Hawaii is seen wobbling around the Hawaiian Airlines jet shortly after it landed in airport security footage obtained by NBC News on Tuesday.

Yahya Abdi, 15, is seen in the 6-minute clip dropping to the tarmac from the jet's wheel well at the Kahului Airport on Maui in the security surveillance video shot on April 20.

He is then unsteadily weaving toward the front of the aircraft before leaving the camera's view, and later re-enters the picture and approaches an airport or airline worker wearing a yellow vest.

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