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City Says "No" to Energy Rate Hike

Atmos Energy filed a statement of intent to increase base rates, but now Wichita Falls and more than one-hundred cities are opposing the action.
    Wichita Falls is the latest city to add its name to a growing list of those working to deny Atmos Energy a gas rate increase.
    City Attorney Miles Risley says at the end of January the company filed a statement of intent to increase base rates.
    Rates in Wichita Falls would increase by 13.6 percent.
    Wichita Falls is one of 154 cities that are part of the Atmos Cities Steering Committee, a group that represents consumers and is working to negotiate with the company to lower the rate of increase.
    "It does not appear that settlement will be achieved with Atmos within the time frame that would allow the city to take final action on this by June 11, 2012; therefore, we have been encouraged to pass a denial resolution," Risley says.
    The new energy rates would take affect June 11.
    Risley says by prolonging the acceptance of the hike in fees, city officials hope they can negotiate with Atmos energy.
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