Cleanup Continues After Montague County Tornado

Cleanup Continues After Montague County Tornado

<br><span style="font-size: x-small;"><p>Nearly two weeks have passed since a tornado tore through the Amon Carter Lake area in Montague County damaging homes and a country clubhouse.</p> <p>And today, Mechell Dixon was at Amon Carter Lake to find out how the rebuilding and clean up is progressing.</p> </span>

Things are slowly getting back to normal at Amon Carter Lake.

They're as normal as can be expected after a tornado ripped through this area.

Montague County Judge Tommie Sappington sent a letter to Governor Rick Perry requesting financial assistance for homeowners.

And while officials wait to see if that request will be granted the rebuilding continues... for some.

Construction crews are busy repairing the roof of this Amon Carter Lake home damaged by the May 15th tornado.

Evidence of that storm remains strewn throughout the neighborhood from insulation wrapped bushes to piles of debris being picked up by a Bobcat.

And while all this rubble is slowly being removed, there is one business that remains frozen in time.

The Top O' The Lake Country Club Clubhouse

Two weeks after being destroyed cinder blocks and sheet metal are now in a huge pile behind what's left of the building but the owners say the tornado did not do lasting damage to their spirit.

Clubhouse owners say they will rebuild and the golf course will stay open for business.

Overall, the May 15th tornado destroyed or damaged at least 15 homes or businesses in Amon Carter Lake and the Lake Nocona Area.

Also, Montague County officials tell me Governor Perry received Judge Sappington's request for financial assistance on May 17th.

They hope to hear if that request will be granted in the next week or so.

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