Crickets Invade University of New Hampshire Dorm

Crickets Invade University of New Hampshire Dorm

Hundreds of escaped crickets trigger chaos in University of New Hampshire dorm.

(WHDH)  Chaos broke out at the University of New Hampshire's campus when hundreds of crickets escape an enclosure a couple weeks ago.

The crickets were supposed to be food for a pet bearded dragon. But somehow the crickets got loose, getting the student who owns the bearded dragon in trouble.

It was a sound heard throughout a dormitory at the University of New Hampshire; chaos and panic followed.

Hundreds of crickets were running through the dorm. University officials say a student left his pet lizard with a friend to watch for a couple days. He also left the lizard's food -- a big box full of crickets -- but the insects escaped in the building and mayhem ensued.

"I stepped out of my dorm, noticed a few hopping here and there, and I started noticing people out in the hallway, a couple people screaming," said David Waste, a student.

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