Cyber Monday Kicks Off

Cyber Monday Kicks Off

Retailers hope strong online sales can make up for a weak Black Friday.
Today is the day online retailers try to lure you to their websites for some Christmas shopping, 
but is Cyber Monday truly the last chance to get a good deal between now and the 25th?

Tod Marks at Consumer Reports says that like Black Friday, Cyber Monday is a marketing strategy.

"So, if you missed the dance, don't worry, there's going to be an encore," he advises.

In its latest survey 34-percent of those asked told Consumer Reports they plan to spend some time online shopping today, even at work.    

Another study by price predicting website found that 90-percent of the time online purchases costs less.

"And the average savings are 16%, up to 44%, savings by buying online versus offline," notes's Mike Fridgen. 

That means it's still far too early to panic, with 28 shopping days to go.
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