David Morris

David Morris

David Morris is a Tennessean by birth, but a Texan and Texoman by choice.

David Morris has been a mainstay at KFDX since he moved to Texoma in February of 2002. He is a Tennessean by birth, is now a Texoman by heart. You used see him giving the forecast on the weekends and chasing tornadoes, but since 2009, David has been in charge of all the news and weather computer systems. He misses weather, but gets to "play" whenever there is a weather event.

David's life has changed a lot since he moved to Wichita Falls. In 2005, he married Rachel Wheat who was the morning anchor at KFDX. In 2008, he and Rachel welcomed their son, Austin into the world. Since then, both David and Rachel have enjoyed getting more involved in the community.

David came to KFDX from the NBC affiliate in Waco, but has also worked in Montgomery Alabama, Greensboro North Carolina, and at KFDX's sister station in Dothan, Alabama . David has degrees in both Atmospheric Science and Broadcasting from Appalachian State University, but his weather enthusiasm started when he was a Boy and eventually an Eagle Scout. David's hobbies include all outdoor activities including hiking, biking, and snow skiing. Email him at David@kfdx.com

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