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Dead Man Found in Car in Wichita Falls

<br>Wichita Falls Police are working a case after discovering a dead man in a car.

Wichita Falls Police are working a case after a body was discovered inside a car.

Sergeant Bill Henning says a passerby, in the 1800 block of Bridwell, looked over and saw the body around 6:15pm Friday evening. 

Police say the body was sitting in the driving position.

He says it is believed the body of a black man, that appears to have been under the age of 40, has been in the car for at least a couple of days.

Because of that fact and because of warmer tempuratures and decomposition Sgt. Henning says they're not ready to release a positive identification.

Sgt. Henning believes they may have a positive identification on Monday, April 29th.

He does say there are no noticeable signs of injury and that the car was legally parked and had been turned off.

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