Details Released about Fort Hood Shooting Victims

Details Released about Fort Hood Shooting Victims

Details about the victims of Wednesday's Fort Hood shooting spree are beginning to emerge.
(NBC News) There were hours of waiting and worry Wednesday for Theodis Westbrook, whose son, Sgt. Jonathan Westbrook, works inside the personnel office at Fort Hood.

Sgt. Westbrook told his father Ivan Lopez came into the office to pick up a form to request time off, but was told to come back later.

Lopez returned with a gun and started firing.

"The first guy he shot right in front of my son was killed, and then he turned the gun towards Jonathan, aimed it, and fired. I don't know how many times he fired, but he hit my son four times," Westbrook says.

Lopez's family released a statement saying the deaths of his mother and grandfather as well as a base change affected his already trouble mental state and that he "must not have been in his right mind."

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