Downtown St Patrick's Day Festival gives Wichita Falls Irish Spirit

Downtown St Patrick's Day Festival gives Wichita Falls Irish Spirit

<br>Thousands flooded downtown Wichita Falls Saturday Night as the St Patrick's Day Festival was celebrated.

As thousands of people migrated into Downtown Wichita Falls Saturday Evening, Irish spirit was in full bloom, especially for those who worked so hard to make this annual event a success.

"It's St Patrick's Day and we wanted to be unique, just stand out and be original."

Large crowds took to the streets, donning green shirts, hats and whatever accessories they could throw on. All to celebrate an event that brings the spirit of Ireland to North Texas.

"It's just a good time to celebrate music, drink great beer and have a good time." Said festival committee member John Dickinson.

Unseasonably warm temperatures were perfect for those who filled the streets and enjoyed a cold beverage.

"It's been a cold winter and it is beautiful out today and everybody's out and they're getting to enjoy this great weather and you can't ask for more than that." Said organizer Jennifer Campbell.

For organizers of this year's event, the steady mobs of green that ushered in to take in the wonderful sounds of this festival, made the past years hard work worth it.

"You see everything in a 2-D layout and then it comes to life the day of and it's phenominal. It's the best feeling in the world." Said Campbell.
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