Earthquake Talk Bigger Than Meers Seismic Burger

Earthquake Talk Bigger Than Meers Seismic Burger

<P>Two earthquakes that rattled and left damage in Oklahoma Saturday were strong enough to shake things up and startle residents here and farther south.</P> <P>And those quakes made history in the Sooner State.</P> <P>A list of the biggest quakes in Oklahoma shows the 4.7 magnitude quake that struck around 2 a.m., Saturday morning, followed by the 5.6 quake Saturday night are the state's third strongest and strongest in Oklahoma history.</P> <P>And as Mechell Dixon reports, those quakes are still the talk all around Texoma.</P>

Its become a "Did you feel it" and "Where were you" topic for almost everyone.

And today in Meers, we found it was an even bigger subject than the Meers Restaurant's world famous seismic burger.

Before taking a seat inside Meers Restaurant customers must first pass by an old stylus and paper style seismograph, which of course, sparked questions and conversations about this weekends earthquakes.

"Everybody wants to know... you feel it out here and I say yes... we did," says

Meers store owner, Joe Maranto, says the quakes did not cause any damage here, but they did create the perfect lunchtime conversation.

"I was sitting in my recliner and the chair started moving. I looked around and thought... what's going on," says Pastor Jason Duree from Altus.

"I had taken some medicine before and thought, man, I'm drunk," says Ann Graham, who is also from Graham.

Ann Graham wasn't drunk and Pastor Jason Duree's daughter wasn't rocking his recliner.

Instead, the tremors came from an earthquake that was centered near Prague, Oklahoma.

Although it caused damage at and around the epicenter, farther south, it just rattled nerves... giving Texomans something besides seismic burgers and onion rings to chew on for a while.

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