Elderly Man Fends off Pickpocket with Cane

Elderly Man Fends off Pickpocket with Cane

Elderly man uses cane to fend off would-be pickpocket.
(WDIV) Chet Dunham, 72, of Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan had just finished breakfast and was walking down the street when Jeffery Jones approached.

"I felt him in my pocket. I turned to see, well I see him, and there's nobody gonna have their hand in my pocket without me reacting. That's how fast it was, just seconds," said Dunham.

His aluminum cane scared off the 5-foot-10, 275-pound pickpocket. Jones backed away, saying he was just messing around.

"And I'm just waiting to see if he comes back at me to attack me and when I see his feet are planted I decide I've gotta get out of there and get help. I can't do anything with him," said Dunham.

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