Electra Fires up Goat Barbecue

Electra Fires up Goat Barbecue

<br>Hundreds smoked up delicious barbecue in Electra where an unlikely animal was the main course.

The town of electra is going up is smoke, as folks take part in their annual goat barbecue.Dozens of cooks are using their culinary skills to compete in cook-offs ranging from salsa to steak and of course, the famous goat barbecue.

But in addition to all the food-- people are also enjoying live music-- arts and crafts-- and fun for the whole family.

Because of the growing popularity of this 30- year tradition...Competition for the annual cookoff has beefed up."They get very competitive, some of them might put in five different steaks just to make sure they win one slot." Said Organizer Sue Howell.

Saturday is the last night of their annual two day event.

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