FAA Investigating Lake Nocona Helicopter Crash

FAA Investigating Lake Nocona Helicopter Crash

<br><font size=2> <P>The pilot of a helicopter that crashed Sunday into Lake Nocona carrying two passengers could face enforcement action and even the loss of his license..</P> <P>Investigators with the Federal Aviation Administration are at Lake Nocona investigating the crash. </P> <P>And while they have not identified the people onboard, Mechell Dixon found out they are releasing new information about the pilot.</P></font>


A spokesperson with the Federal Aviation Administration says the pilot, identified by sources and also Montgague County media, as Darren Fenoglio of Montague County, was flying with only a student pilot certificate.

Meaning, he was not authorized to carry passengers.

So, pending the investigation, he could face enforcement action for that, as well as have his certificate revoked.

That chopper, identified by the FAA as a Robinson R-44, went down Sunday around 7 p.m. in Lake Nocona with the pilot and two passengers onboard.

FAA officials say all made it out of the lake and were taken to the hospital with some injuries.

But now, the FAA, along with members of the National Transportation Safety Board are trying to determine what caused the crash.

While the feds handle that part of this case, Nocona city officials are working on another aspect; getting the chopper out of the lake.

According to Nocona Mayor Robert Fenoglio, the wreckage is in about 22 feet of water but he says he hopes to have a crew hired to do that sometime next week.

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