Fan Donations Still Needed By Texomans

Fan Donations Still Needed By Texomans

<font size=2> <P>The KFDX Fan Drive started almost a month ago.</P> <P>However, over the past week, supplies have dwindled as people ask for fans to try and endure this heat and it didn't help matters that all the fans of a local charity were stolen this week.</P> <P>Mechell Dixon spoke to one fan recipient who says the fans make all the difference when it gets this hot.</P></font>

Last month, Texomans poured on the generosity to help residents who had no way to beat the heat.

But since then, fan supplies have gone down and people are on waiting list for them and this mother and daughter say they're still desperately needed.

Maxine Smith is a Meals on Wheels client in Wichita Falls.

And her daughter, Kerry Huff, says a donated fan was recently a god-send.

"They got us through those days until we could get the air conditioner fixed and now that we still have them and the ac is fixed, the ac doesn't run nearly half as much so we're saving on the electric bill," explains Huff.

Huff says the fans also helped save the live of her mother's 14 year old dog that has difficulty breathing because of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

When the dog isn't resting here with Smith, it's here on a bed in front of one of of the donated fans.

So, if you think your kindness isn't appreciated or needed... this family says think again.

"The generosity of Texoma was wonderful," says Huff.

Mechell Dixon... KFDX 3 News.

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