Fatal NYC Derailment Probed

Fatal NYC Derailment Probed

The Metro-North commuter train that derailed in the Bronx — killing four people and injuring dozens — was traveling at a "harrowing" 82 mph as it hit a curve where the limit was 30 mph, officials said Monday.
(NBC News) The National Transportation Safety Board has now confirmed speed was a factor in the crash of the Metro North commuter train Sunday that left four people dead and injured more than 60.

"This is preliminary information from the event recorders, shows that the train was traveling at approximately 82 miles per hour as it went into a 30 mile an hour curve," the NTSB's Earl Weener announced at a Monday afternoon press conference.

Investigators plan to talk with the driver and conductor of the train as well.

The conductor has said there was a problem with the brakes as the train entered a sharp turn along the Harlem and Hudson Rivers.

There were about 100 people riding the train at the time of the crash.
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