Fire Crews Help with Molten Glass at PPG

Fire Crews Help with Molten Glass at PPG

One person seriously burned according to fire officials. Around 800 ton of molten glass spilled.

Wichita Falls fire crews have responded to PPG several times this week to help deal with a major molten glass leak in which a contract worker was severely burned.

Firefighters were first called out Tuesday morning. Officials say PPG is draining one of the glass furnaces to rebuild it, which is a regular maintenance process.

Authorities say the furnace developed a leak, and crews have been called out several times to help get the situation under control.

Chief Jon Reese says Thursday morning, nearly 800 tons of molten glass seeped through furnace liner creating an almost volcanic flow. Fire crews were called back out to help direct the flow of the glass to a safe location and cool it.

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