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FNF Preview: 2013 City View Mustangs

Following a 4-6 record last season, the City View Mustangs are looking to finish games strong this year.
After combining for a record of 10-10 over the past two seasons, the City View Mustangs
have seen the playoffs within reach and feel that this is their year to grab ahold of a postseason
 "The last two years we've been getting almost close to it, missing the playoffs by one game or two
games. This year it's not missing the playoffs by one or two games, it's going all the way." Said
City View Wide Receiver Tyler Webb.

"We feel like we should win way more games than we did, we always fall that one game short. 
This year we feel that we want to get to the playoffs and go beyond." Said City View Lineman Earvin Grubbs.

With Head Coach Rudy Hawkins now in his third season at City View. He knows he's got a special
group of guys hitting the practice field.

"This is the group that stuck together and this is the group we've been waiting on and they really
care for each other and they have a family sense about the group." Said Coach Hawkins.

A sense of family has led to players speaking up, shouting for more intensity on both sides of 
the ball.

"Everybody talking, cheering you on, then you feel like you can do more together. That's how 
we pick up each other. As we work harder each day, we know our backs are working hard, so we're
just going to put it together and see how it comes out." Said Grubbs.

"We all try to pick up each other it's not about getting your teammates down or something, 
it's just not the energy that we want to bring, it's energy like you mess up but here's another
play go make up from it." Said Webb.

The intensity isn't the only thing raised this year, so too have the music levels. As coaches play
songs throughout the practices, keeping the energy level high through these dog days practices.

"Kind of keeps a rhythm of practice going and the kids seem to enjoy it and we kind of looked at
before the games they always listen to music and it gets them going, so we'll play it during practice
and it's really kept practice upbeat." Said Hawkins.

"Other schools they had music going on and last year we didn't have music or any intensity or none
of that so he says the music will make us be more intense like a real game." Said Webb.   

Leading a new offense for the Mustangs will be signal caller Ryan Karr, who played Quarterback the
first four games last season, before taking his talents to wide receiver. This fall the ball will be
completely in his hands.

"He throws a good ball and he's a dual threat if he gets outside he can tuck it and hurt you. If you
set off on him he can hit you and hurt you with the pass." Said Hawkins.

With just over a week left until the 2013 season kicks off. The Mustangs focus is on finishing games
and starting this season with a Win.

"We're so ready, we feel like we're just ready to get out there and win our first game." Said Grubbs.

"We'll be ready when it comes time to play Olney." Said Hawkins.

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