Foil Scam Cost Stores Money

Foil Scam Cost Stores Money

Missouri thieves use aluminum foil to steal hundreds in credit card charges from area businesses.
(KSHB) Police say thieves are using a new kind of weapon to steal hundreds of dollars from local convenience stores.

Kansas City, Mo., detectives warn that thieves are using aluminum foil to pull off the crimes.

They said thieves will climb to the roof and cover the satellite used for credit card transactions with foil.

Detectives said the foil blocks the verification process from immediately happening, allowing the approval of nearly every card.

The cards can even be stolen or have no money in the account.

Thieves hit several Kansas City convenience stores this weekend. One owner, Mahfooz Azam, said he was scammed out of about $500 in a matter of minutes,

"When a card goes through, registers open and that means the card went through," he said. "Everyone is losing money. We need to catch those guys."

It is a scam that has happened in different parts of the United States, prompting the Better Business Bureau to issue an alert.
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