Follow Up with Brian Harrison

Follow Up with Brian Harrison

It's been a little more than a month since we met Brian Harrison of Wichita Falls. He was the subject of a Fit in Texoma report where his New Year's resolution was to get in shape. Ann Arnold checks back in with Brian to see how he's doing in accomplishing his goal!
Last month Brian Harrison resolved to get fit.  Since then he's lost 15 pounds!

That brings his 5 month weight loss total to 45 pounds!

Brian is a single father who has his kids every other week. He works out almost every day when the kids are with mom. When they're with him, he says they're outside getting active!

He says Chloe and Camdon are his main motivation for getting healthy, and they love staying active with dad.

Brian is reaching his weight loss goals through diet and exercise. He's pushing himself more at the gym, and says his efforts are really paying off.

He heads to the doctor later this week for his yearly check up and is expecting to hear good things. He says the best part about getting healthy is passing on an active lifestyle on to his children.
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