"Free" Medical-Device Scam Shutdown

"Free" Medical-Device Scam Shutdown

Florida and Federal authorities have shutdown a "free" medical-device scam that bilked thousands of seniors around the nation out of millions of dollars.
(WESH) A central Florida company is accused of ripping off its customers nationwide by selling them medical alert systems under false pretenses.

The Seminole County company racked up more than 66,000 complaints before it was shut down last week.

According to authorities, the telemarketers would call their victims, who were seniors, and would tell them that their medical alert device and service was free or had been purchased by a friend, none of which was the case, officials said.

The victim was then asked to give their credit card number and sometimes the customer would get the product, in other instances they would not.

In almost all cases, a monthly payment of $34.99 would be charged to the victim's credit card.

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