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Gray Water Systems Become Popular in Texoma

Wichita Falls stage four water restrictions forces folks to forgo their normal gardening routine.

Wichita Falls stage four water restrictions forces folks to forgo their normal gardening routine.

Some people are finding innovative ways to make sure make to use of water a second time, to keep their plants from dying.

Gray water systems are becoming more prevalent in these dry times.

Experts say it allows water going down the drain, to be used again.

Wichita Falls water restrictions have robbed Michael Smith of one of his passions, gardening.

It gets frustrating. You certainly understand why and you want to be part of a team effort to conserve with the city, but one of the things that I enjoy has kind of been taken away from me and so you have to find alternative roots to make it happen,” he said.

His alternative, to build a gray water system.

As water supplies are cut off, it's becoming more and more popular for those who want to keep some greenery, color or fresh fruits and vegetables around their homes.

We have had a lot of people call and ask about gray water systems, rain water collection, there are several different ways you can save water to try and help with our drought situation,” said Billy Link, the master plumber at Ferguson Veresh.

It can save you money, but more importantly it's creating ways to use water twice.

Well it's water that would otherwise be sent to the sewage system and the waste water treatment plant,” Link said.

All the water that goes to my shower, goes down into it's drain and normally that goes into the sewage system, and it off from the drain and it's a little pump that I use whenever people have a washer and dryer in their basement,” explain Smith.

Reuse systems can also be built using water from washing machines and sinks.

Smith says it gives him about 30 gallons of water per shower, that he now can use to keep his passion alive.

If you plan to build a system similar yourself, experts make sure you check the local codes and make sure it is safe and meets the required standards.

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