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Gun Stores See Spike in Ammunition Sales

<span style="font-size: x-small; "> <p>The Obama administration's push for more gun regulation has many pouring into gun stores but customers are not just buying up firearms.</p> <p>Mechell Dixon found out they are also making ammunition fly off store shelves</p></span>

Gun store across the country and here in Texoma are having a tough time keeping ammunition in stores.

And managers at a Henrietta gun store tell us it has been that way since a few days after the fatal shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut.

O'Mally Arms in downtown Henrietta has been doing a lot of business but managers say it's not just selling out but also ammunition.

"We're selling everything from 22 long rifles to 9mm, 40 caliber, 45, 223, for the rifle its 308. We can hardly keep anything on stock and the problem is... the warehouses are out of it and we're having to back order everything," says David Bersick, manager at O'Mally Arms.

In fact, the demand is so high there are holes on the shelves where ammunition has sold out.

"People have been buying massive amounts of ammunition. Instead of buying one or two boxes, they come and buy cases," Bersick says.

And Bersick says cases typically sell out within three days but depending on the firearm it can fly shelves even faster.

"We got in almost 10,000 rounds of 22 ammunition and it was sold out in less than 24 hours," Bersick says.

A big demand for something the Obama administration is putting under the microscope but the push for tougher gun control legislation has this gun dealer firing off his opinion.

"It's all been tried before. they did it back in 1994 with Bill Clinton. It didn't work then. After 10 years there's no evidence whatsoever that it made any difference. I think this is the same thing. If they do anything, it's not gonna make a difference. The criminals are still gonna have guns. They're not gonna go to a gun store to buy them. Only the honest people... the law abiding citizens are the ones it's gonna affect," Bersick explains.

The start of the new year brought a slight hike on the price of guns and ammunition.

But Bersick says some gun and ammo dealers are doubling... even tripling prices and because demand is high right now... folks are willingly paying.

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