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Health Department Treats For Mosquitoes

Mosquito treatment is underway in Wichita Falls.

Mosquito treatment is underway in Wichita Falls.

Wichita Falls - Wichita County Health Department officials say they spotted mosquito larva about a week ago.

Now they are using biological treatments and tablets to kill larva in standing water.

And though officials say the drought will lessen the amount of "nuisance mosquitoes," there could be more dangerous kinds.

What we call container breeder mosquitoes or vector mosquitoes, those that can transmit disease, it could be an issue come this year could be an issue with people trying to save rain water in barrels,” said James Garcia, the health inspection supervisor.

The health department recommends checking your rain barrels once a week and make sure to properly seal them.

You can also pick up tablets from the health department to do your own treatments.

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