High School Juniors Prepare for National Livestock Show

High School Juniors Prepare for National Livestock Show

The 2014 National Junior Santa Gertrudis Show is taking place this week at the MPEC in Wichita Falls.
High school juniors are preparing for a national livestock show that is in Wichita Falls this week!

The National Junior Santa Gertrudis Heifer Show travels around the country every year and this year's stop is in Wichita Falls.

The program promotes continuing education and learning of the breed and the beef industry.

The junior board started preparing on Sunday for the show which starts this week at the MPEC.

Junior's from all over the country will be coming out for the week long event, which will challenge their livestock knowledge.

"We'll have lots of contests, a public speaking contest where the juniors prepare their speech on agriculture and give it in front of the judges, we'll do like a brain bowl, were they kind of memorize and learn facts about the breed and have to spit it back on out on a buzzer with the team," Junior board member Mcrae Clay says. 

Junior from all different states will compete against each other during these events.

Monday is when the week of contests begins and for more information you can go to the NJSGA website here. 
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