Home Away From Home In Sochi

Home Away From Home In Sochi

Olympic news reports obviously usually center around the athletes but what about the people bringing you all those reports? Here's a look at how journalists and Olympic competitors nab those last minute items, all while staying on track.
Every day journalist use the International Broadcast Center to get their jobs done. You might even call the IBC a second home for those traveling to cover the games.

But down stairs underneath all the work space there is a sort of make shift shopping center to help both athletes and those bringing you their stories get what they need.
Everything from a hair cut to groceries is available. You'll even find a McDonalds.

Liz Clark is covering her 7th Olympics and is currently working for the Washington Post.
For Clark a grocery story can be a lifesaver when gold medal work is on the line.

"As a reporter we send probably 18 hours a day at the venue whether at a competition venue or working here at the main media center when you get to your hotel its nice to have some water and juices there to so its great that you can come in and knock it all out and ah take it home."

Whatever seems to be on the "help me" list can almost certainly be found there.

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