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Identity Theft a Growing Concern

The BBB is urging residents to be careful with their personal information following the rest of a Wichita Falls man charged with scamming hundreds of people.
Wichita Falls Police said a man charged with forgery may have been targeting hundreds of Wichita Falls residents.

Kyle Lewis King was arrested last week after police found hundreds of addresses in his possession.

Lewis has since posted a $25,000 bond, but police believe he's already scammed hundreds of Wichita Falls residents out of an unknown amount of cash.

WFPD spent months investigating the local computer programmer, and officers said they were able to prove he was taking his clients' personal information.

In response to the evidence gathered, police sent letters to each of those residents as a precaution.

The case is also receiving attention from the Better Business Bureau.

The BBB urged residents to use caution, and a little common sense, when it comes to giving out any personal information to people either over the phone, through the mail or e-mail.

Monica Horton, the President of the Wichita Falls BBB said, "Consumers need to be diligent in checking their information. Make sure you check your bank statements regularly, check your credit card statements regularly. The minute that something appears out of the ordinary, you need to take care of it right then."

Horton said crooks often times go through trash bins looking for personal information, so make sure you cut up old credit cards and shred any personal documents.

If you have questions about identity theft, or think you may be a victim of it, call the Better Business Bureau at 940-691-1172.
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