iPads Replace Textbooks in Arizona Classroom

iPads Replace Textbooks in Arizona Classroom

Students weigh in on technology in the classroom. 

(KVOA)  In Ms. Mustard's sophomore geometry class at Tucson, Arizona's San Miguel High School, students learned a lot of lessons this year and we're not just talking numbers.

"At first people were like, 'oh how do I use this?', but I think now it's more like second nature," says Sophomore Jose Estrella.

Estrella is talking about using the iPad, instead of a textbook in his English, social studies, science and math classes. He's one of about 20 sophomores who took part in a pilot program this year, where they traded in their textbooks for technology.

It was all made possible by a $10,000 donation from the Enterprise Holdings Foundation.

Estrella says the iPad makes life easier and it's not just because it's less heavy than a book. 

"If you have a term to look up, or if you need to look up a formula, it's really easy because you can just go to the search bar, look it up, then it goes to that chapter," Estrella says.

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