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Iwo Jima Survivors Remember Iconic Moment

It has almost been 69 years since one of WWII's deadliest battles.
It has almost been 69 years since one of WWII's deadliest battles.

And survivors gathered from across the country in Texoma Saturday to remember on of the battles most memorable moments.

Iwo Jima survivors walked through a sea of red white and blue presented by the patriot guard riders, on their way to relive their time in the service.

“America needs something to give her a lift of her spirit because we'd been in war for almost 5 years and we had lost tremendous amounts of people and the people back home were getting weary,” says Iwo Jima Survivor Hershel “ Woody” Williams.

Williams says, the something America needed was this sign of patriotism, 6 men holding up old glory on top of mount Suribachi, a moment that lasted less than three seconds but was memorialized across the globe for decades to come, that photo was on the face of nearly every newspaper in the country, it did something for the spirit of America.

It's that spirit that brought these survivors back together this weekend, to rehash the good and the bad.

“Just a family get together, I think you know we're all family in the service,” says Iwo Jima Survivor James Kordel.

And thank each other for their parts in battle, as those not there, thank them.

“I appreciate them too and I appreciate each one that served in the service regardless of state side or over seas we just had a duty to do and we took care of it,” says Kordel.

But Williams says some of the most valuable people of world war two are often never thought of, the families who gave up their sons, fathers and brothers.

“They gave more than any of us here because they gave actually part of themselves so that we can be free,” says Williams.

He hopes one day a national monument will honor gold star families side by side their soldiers.

The reunion weekend concluded with a meet and greet with the veterans and a flyover to honor the missing men.
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