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Justin Green Testifies in His Clay County Murder Trial

The man accused of killing a fellow former soldier and burying his body near Petrolia took the stand in his own defense today as the state and defense wrapped up their cases. His mother and sister also took the stand. Justin Green, a Petrolia native and former Fort Sill soldier, is accused of the shooting death of 28 year old Jose Ramirez then burying his body, which authorities found last year. Mechell Dixon is covering the trial and joins us by phone.

Several witnesses took the stand today in the murder trial of Justin Green.
Green's sister, Brittany Green, and his mother, Terri Green, testified.
Both talked about the shooting death of Ramirez but Green's mother talked about her son moving Ramirez into their Petrolia home a few months before his death.
And on the day of his death, she says her son called her and she came home to see the body shortly after the shooting.
Then Green took the stand.
He told the court the shooting was not intentional but self defense.
Green says he went to Ramirez's room to tell him his mother wanted him to move out one day after Green's mother says he pulled a gun on her and her grandchild.
Green says he also told Ramirez, "I pray you don't pull a gun on anyone else," and he says Ramirez cursed at him and God, threatened to kill him and his family and reached for one of several guns on his bed.
But Green says he was able to grab his own rifle, which was on Ramirez's bed, and fire first.
After the shooting, Green says he called his mother before taking the body to the garage.
Green told the court although he did bury the body he says it was not to cover up what he did but rather, because he did not think authorities would believe he shot his friend in self defense.
Green spent more than an hour on stand.
Then, the defense called two more witnesses before the trial recessed for the day.
Closing arguments will start Wednesday at 9 a.m.
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