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Less Pecans This Season Add Up To Better Quality

Fall is in the air and that means it's time for pumpkin patches, apple cider and hay rides.
Fall is in the air and that means it's time for pumpkin patches, apple cider and hay rides.

But how has the drought affected another fall favorite?

If pecan pie is one of your favorites holiday treats you may want to grab what is on the shelves, as the new crop that is about to come in will include a small price increase.

Pecan harvesting will be starting this week and the drought mixed with a late freeze is adding up to less nuts.

“We had a late freeze back in April, which was after Easter which is very uncommon for this type of area. The trees had already bloomed out at that point so the freeze kind of knocked them out a bit,” says Pecan Shed Manager Jill Montz.

But the shortage will affect whole sale buyers, like bakeries more than it will affect the number of pecans on the retail shelves.

And what is bad news for wholesale customers is good news for the quality of the pecans harvested, as less pecans means each pecan is bigger and better.

“When the pecan tree gets really loaded with a huge bumper crop it actually stresses out the tree, only so much nutrients can go around to each nut,” says Montz.

And before the new crop can be picked last year's needs to be moved out.

Growers say buying now will not hinder the quality.

“Pecans that are frozen pecans can be frozen and thawed many times without loosing their flavor,” says Montz.

And if you're thinking ahead for the holiday season those frozen pecan may be the way to go.

“If you're looking to cook a lot, bake a lot with pecans this year they are defiantly going to cost more than they do right now,” says Montz.

The price per pound is expected to go up about sixty cents.

The new pecans are expected to be on the shelf in the next few weeks.

Fresh pecans will be harvested through January.

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